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Fall Maintenance

I know, I know… it’s hard to think about fall when it’s still in the 90s in Atlanta, but before we know it, our favorite pumpkin spiced season will be upon us!

Here at Good Living Real Estate, we’ve curated a list of things that we think that all homeowners should do before setting those pumpkins out on the front stoop.

In no particular order, here goes…

1. Service your HVAC

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will keep everything in tip-top shape and keep it functioning at the optimum levels. PLUS regular maintenance has been shown to increase longevity and routine maintenance can catch problems BEFORE you find yourself without heat this winter. Check with your installer, they may offer a bi-annual service plan. Or give us a call, we know some great vendors!

Looking for a low-cost DIY option? Change out your filter, but make sure that you purchase the correct size for your unit. 


2. Gutters, downspouts, splash blocks, oh my!

Okay, this one is my least favorite, mainly because I don’t want to be up a ladder. Investing in leaf screens can minimize this chore. While you’re up there, why not check out the flashing, the condition of the roof, soffits and eaves for holes, and the chimney.

Also, make sure that all downspouts are secure and are pointing away from the house. Install splash blocks as needed.

Looking for a charming replacement to downspouts, consider a rain chain. Google it, trust me.

3. Think Spring!

Okay, now for a fun one. Now is the time to plant bulbs for spring! If you want early bloomers plant crocuses or snowdrops. For bright colors: daffodils or tulips. For those summer blooms, try lilies!





4. Safety Check!

Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, did you know smoke detectors only last about 10 years? See for more information as to how to check the age of your detector.




5. Hire A Chimney Sweep

I’m not saying that you need to “Step in Time” al la Bert from Mary Poppins, but cleaning the fireplace out, inspecting the flue, damper, and doors, so you are ready for those cozy nights in, is another must-do for fall. Hire a professional if you suspect a blockage or birds.





6. Water, Water everywhere…

I always forget to shut off the water supply to the outdoor faucet before draining it! Remember to disconnect, drain hoses and sprinkler systems, and cover them.





7. Let in the light!

I’m not kidding, prevent the winter blues with clean windows! I had a Groupon voucher that cleaned the inside AND outside of my windows, I couldn’t tell if they were opened or closed! Dust blinds, and take the plunge with eco-friendly light bulbs.





8. Don’t Step On A Crack

This is the time to deal with that crack in the driveway/sidewalk that you’ve been ignoring all year.  





9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 

Keep the heat inside and the cold outside by checking the weatherstripping. Open your door, place a piece of paper over the threshold, and close the door. If the paper slides back and forth then it’s time to replace the weatherstripping. If needed, re-caulk around windows and door frames.




10. Snowmaggedon Preparedness

Where were you during the Blizzard of ‘13? I know it’s unlikely that’s going to happen this year, but why not be prepared in case we all have to take to the highways by packing your car with:

  • Blanket
  • Ice Scraper
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Winter Screenwash
  • Jumper Cables

For more ideas see the Department of Homeland Security

11. Flower Power

Looking for something to spruce up your empty flower pots? Chrysanthemums (Mums) make lovely long-lasting pops of color, both indoors and out. 





12. Cover Up The Outdoor Furniture

Sure, I’ll be huddled around the firepit until the first signs of frost, but now is the time to clean while the sun is shining and warm. Also, did you know you can buy waterproof covers in all sizes and shapes? Yeah, my Amazon basket is looking pretty full right about now.





13. Composting

Yup, you heard me, composting. Atlanta has some great options for going green! Build or buy your own compost bins for your backyard, or drop off your collections at one of three locations provided by The Wylde Center OR Compost Now will come to collect your bin weekly or bi-weekly Get involved in the Green Scene in Atlanta today!



14. You’ve Lint To Be Kidding Me

Sure you clean out your lint trap every time you put your clothes in the dryer… okay let’s be honest, it’s when you remember. Did you also know that lint builds up in the dryer vent over time as well? Cleaning them out will increase the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the risk of fire. Good DIY job, or hire a specialist.




15. It’s a Lawn Job, but Someone’s Gotta Do It

Looking forward to having a lush green carpet of grass next year? Cut it short, aerate, fertilize and sit back and watch it grow…


Now is also a good time to trim any bushes and trees back as well.



16. Fall in Love With New Wreath

This is the time to put those Pinterest boards to the test. Put some festive fun on your front door with a Bootastic wreath for Halloween, a thankfully bright leaf creation for a wreath, or go creative with burlap and cotton for a Southern twist. Throw in some gourds and pumpkins and your front door has never looked so good.






Well, that’s our list of 16 Fall Home Maintenance. Call us today if you need any vendor recommendations!

Live Well, Sell Well!

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